Data as a Competitive Necessity

The Future Is Now

The tech and use cases exist. Predictive modeling could be used to make interactive voice response systems more dynamic, which could be the difference between making a sale or losing a customer. Real time analytics and IoT could be used to more dynamically staff stores in response to changing demand, thereby decreasing costs during peak hours or increasing revenue by having more sales staff on the floor, thus being attentive to customers who otherwise might have walked out without making a purchase. Moving to an enterprise-grade open source stack of technologies could drastically reduce a firm’s IT spend, gaining that extra millisecond in the corner over a competitor.
Information technology is currently experiencing a renaissance on a scale not seen since the late ’90s. Due to advancements in decision sciences, companies are moving through their OODA loop faster and faster. The question is, is your organization going to be part of it, or are you currently working for another Blockbuster?
Last modified 10mo ago